While paladins Andun Silverbeard and Theodin Rockheart are doing their best to prepare the defenses against the undead, archmage Erogdin Earthstorm is studying ancient relics found during the recent excavations in the lost City of the Seven Mithril Golems. He hopes to find some way to tap into the vast powers of the Old Gods, terrible beings of primal chaos that ruled the world of Azeroth in the distant past.

Having studied the Teratonomicon, a maddening tome of ancient secrets, he is able to track the origins of the servants of the Old Gods, known as Faceless Ones, back to a secret dimension where lies N'Gah, the dreaded Temple of the Old Gods. The hidden fane is said to contain the Well of Corruption, the only known place where the primal energies of the Old Gods can still be tapped directly.


Dwarf Campaign

A campaign file, fully voice-acted

Chapter 3: Temple of the Old Gods

Stand-alone map file, with support for 2 players, voice-acted

Chapitre 3: Le Temple des Dieux Anciens - Edition Multijoueur