It has been a week since King Buri Frostbeard successfully defended the dwarven stronghold of Dûm Atur against the invading undead. He is now expecting some distinguished visitors... Erogdin Earthstorm, the Archmage of the High King accompanied by Theodin Rockheart, Paladin of the Order of the Mithril Hammer.

The High King has sent them to investigate the ancient ruins of Dûm Atur. If there is more technology as powerful as the golems, this may be what the dwarves have been looking for to even the odds in their battle against the undead.

"What is like a dwarf but the size of a giant?"


Dwarf Campaign

A campaign file, fully voice-acted

Chapter 2: City of the Seven Mithril Golems

Stand-alone map file, voice-acted

Chapitre 2: La Cite des Sept Golems de Mithril