Several months have passed since Lordaeron fell to the undead scourge. Now the darkness that consumed the human kingdom reaches south towards the dwarven realm of Khaz Modan...

Determined to stop the undead menace, High King Magni Bronzebeard is massing dwarven troops north to bolster the defenses of Stromgarde. This human kingdom is an old ally of Khaz Modan and the only thing that stands between the dwarven realm and the undead scourge. But the first assault on Khaz Modan comes from a completely different direction...

To the shock of the dwarven defenders, a fleet of ships arrives on the west coast of Khaz Modan and lands an undead army deep in the sparsely defended heartlands of the dwarven kingdom. Led by a great demon, the undead host besieges the ancient dwarven stronghold of Dûm Atur. This fortress holds the holy Vault of the Dwarven Kings which contains the remains of the dead kings of Khaz Modan.

Even though word of the siege has barely reached Ironforge, the High King has already dispatched a unit of his royal griffon riders to protect the citadel. But until the reinforcements arrive the defenders of the stronghold are on their own...


Dwarf Campaign

A campaign file, fully voice-acted

Chapter 1: Defenders of Dwarvenkind

Stand-alone map file, voice-acted

Chapitre 1: Les Defenseurs du Peuple Nain