Brief History of Dwarf Campaign

The campaign was originally developed from July 2003 to November 2004, with Chapter 1 originally released soon after the July 2003 release of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Chapter 2 on 22 September 2003, Chapter 3 on 15 June 2004 and the campaign file on 14 November 2004. French localization and a voice acted version of Chapter 1 were created in 2005.

Reconstruction of dwarfcampaign.com

This is the reconstructed version of the official website developed by as a nonprofit project of Sound Mind Games (Hyvän mielen pelit ry). The website offers the access to the newest versions of original three chapters of the Dwarf Campaign, and provides information on the development of Chapter 4, which is another nonprofit project of Sound Mind Games. Sound Mind Games is a registered Finnish nonprofit association founded by the creators of the Dwarf Campaign.

The reconstruction of the Dwarf Campaign website started on 26 October 2015. The new version of the website was published in November 2016. The website was designed and implemented by Jukka Jokelainen under the supervision of Sound Mind Games.

Sound Mind Games

An association founded by GG&K focusing on computer and mobile games, responsible for developing Chapter 4. More information about Sound Mind Games can be found at the site of the organization www.hyvanmielenpelit.fi .

Creators (GG&K)

Janne Gustafsson

Campaign Story, Dialogue Scripting, Cinematics, Custom Skins and Icons, and Music Environment Design, Playtesting

Tommi Gustafsson

Campaign Story, Dialogue Scripting, Monster Design, Game Balancing, Custom Scripting, and Playtesting

Mikko Kangas

Campaign Story, Dialogue Scripting and Elaboration, Grammar Check, and Playtesting



Our Background

We all live in Finland, Europe, and are born in 1976. Janne and Tommi are twins, and we've been friends with Mikko since 1996 when we met him in the military (Finland has compulsory military service for men).

Tommi and Janne have graduated from Helsinki University of Technology (Tommi as Licentiate ja Janne as Doctor of Science in Technology), and Mikko has graduated from Helsinki University as Master of Philosophy in Biology.